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Loved One Passed Away? How To Plan A Winning Memorial Service

When someone you care about passes away, it can give rise to a flurry of emotions. You're going to miss the times that you spent with that individual and if they were particularly close, you probably find it hard to imagine life without them. You know that they are gone and as you struggle to come to terms with the loss you also have to think about the memorial service. How will you put together the kind of memorial that will truly do them justice? If you've never had to plan a memorial service before the information below can help you put on a touching event.

Choose A Theme That Hits Close To Home

Although memorial services are often associated with pain and great outpourings of grief, the one that you are hosting doesn't necessarily have to be a woeful affair. Your loved one probably brought a lot of light into people's lives and in order to commemorate the sunshine and downplay the rain, you may want to choose a theme for the occasion.

The theme that you select can be funny and lighthearted or serious but either way, it should be meaningful and have an immediate impact on the attendees. For example, maybe the deceased had a favorite sports team that they followed religiously or your relative was a big fan of a particular holiday. You can incorporate something that is directly tied to the person who has passed away into the theme, so it brings up great memories for the people who attend the service.

Create A Festive Atmosphere

A good memorial service doesn't have to be a somber event. You can create a festive memorial that allows the attendees to celebrate the life that was lived instead of only mourning the loss.

Hang up colorful decorations, play music that is reminiscent of the deceased, and place photos of your beloved all around the venue. Break the ice by asking guests to recount humorous stories that they remember about that person and record the entire occasion. As a parting gift, you can email the video to each attendee to help them remember the great time they had at the memorial service.

Your loved one lived an incredible life and it should be celebrated in a tasteful way. Utilize these tips so the funeral memorial service that you plan and sponsor can be an incredible tribute to the one you love.