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4 Signs You Should Choose A Graveside Funeral For Your Loved One

After losing a loved one, it can sometimes be challenging to make all of the right funeral arrangements. For example, you might not know about the different ways that funeral services can be handled. One option is a graveside funeral. As the name suggests, this is a type of funeral service that is hosted in the cemetery alongside the deceased's grave. These are a few signs that this might be the right type of funeral to plan for your loved one.

1. The Cemetery Allows It

For one thing, you should know that different cemeteries have different rules about how things should be handled. Some cemeteries allow graveside services, while others do not. If your family already has a cemetery plot picked out for your deceased loved one, this is probably something that you should look into before you go any further with your planning. If you are interested in a graveside funeral and if your family has not chosen a burial plot yet, then you might want to keep this in mind when shopping for one. Also, pay attention to other rules that the cemetery might have in place, such as rules about the types of grave markers that can be used and the types of flowers that you can put out.

2. You're Hoping to Keep Things Simple

Some people like to keep things fairly simple after a loved one has passed away. You might not want to spend a ton of time on planning and making arrangments when you are going through the grieving process, for example. You might also want to keep things simple for the other family members and friends who will be attending the services. By opting for a graveside service, you can help ensure that everything is kept simple, all while making sure that you are honoring your loved one.

3. Your Family Is on a Budget

Unfortunately, budget is often a big concern for people when they are planning a funeral for their loved ones. If this is a concern in your family, you could be wondering how you can honor your loved one while keeping costs to a minimum. In many cases, a graveside funeral is a more affordable option when compared to other options, such as hosting a funeral service at a funeral home and then hosting a small ceremony at the cemetery.

4. It's a Preferred Option for Your Religion

Different religions have different beliefs about how funerals and burials should be handled. For some religions, witnessing a person being buried is important. You may want to talk to a religious leader to find out more about whether this is suggested and whether there are other religious matters that you should keep in mind when planning your loved one's funeral.