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Having A Custom Grave Marker Made For Your Loved One

Your choice of grave marker can be one of the most important decisions that you make when arranging for a loved one's funeral. This is due to the fact that the grave marker may be one of the most visible reminders of the loved one once the casket has been buried.

Are Headstones The Only Option For A Grave Marker?

It is often assumed that all grave markers will be in the form of the traditional headstone. While this is a popular option for many individuals, it is far from the only option for marking your loved one's burial site. For example, grave markers are another solution that will essentially be a small plaque that is on the ground. This can be a far more affordable option for those that are needing to make these arrangements on a tight budget. Furthermore, there is an increasing number of cemeteries that prefer or exclusively allow these smaller grave markers instead of traditional headstones. This is often the result of the fact that the smaller markers can be more space-efficient.

What Factors Determine The Cost Of A Custom Engraved Grave Marker?

There are many potential costs that will influence the cost of your custom grave marker. However, there are a few factors that will play the largest role in the final cost that you must pay. One of the most important will simply be the size of the grave marker, as those that are larger will be more expensive to have made. Additionally, the materials that are used in the marker will also influence its costs as some types of stones will be more expensive than others. Lastly, the amount of text that you want to be inscribed on the grave marker will also influence this cost.

What Will Be Used Until The Custom Grave Marker Is Ready?

Not surprisingly, it can take several weeks for a custom grave marker to be finished. Some individuals may worry that this will leave their loved one's grave unmarked until the marker is ready. Luckily, this is not the case as most providers of custom engraved grave markers can give clients a temporary marker. This marker will usually be made of composite materials so that it can be quickly be prepared. Once the engraved grave marker has been finished, you can swap the temporary one out for the permanent one. While it is possible to do this work on your own, you may wish to leave it to professionals as these grave markers can be extremely heavy.

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