Funeral Homes: A End and a Beginning

Ordering A Headstone For Your Deceased Loved One

Ordering a cemetery headstone for a loved one is a purchase that can be essential to properly immortalize their life. While a headstone is one of the most visible aspects of a burial site, individuals may not have the type of experience that can be useful for making decisions about buying one.

Appreciate The Option Of Using Laser Etching For The Headstone

Individuals will often think that a headstone will only have the deceased's name, birth date, and death date on it. While this is some of the more basic information that can be included on a headstone, it is also possible for individuals to utilize laser etching to create a more elaborate and personalized design. Laser etching can allow for high-quality images to be inscribed on the headstone quickly. For example, it can be common for individuals to choose to have a picture of the deceased etched onto the headstone. Furthermore, the speed at which the laser etchings can be completed will avoid significant delays to your funeral planning efforts while still providing the highest quality headstone possible.

Have The Headstone Properly Anchored

A common type of damage for a headstone will be tipping over once it has been placed in position. This is most often the result of the headstone failing to be properly secured when it was put into position. As a result, the soil may not be able to effectively support the weight of the headstone, which can lead to it tipping over. Due to the damage that this could cause to the grave marker, you should always leave the installation of the headstone to a professional. They will have the tools to effectively position the headstone so that it will be as stable as possible. Also, they can effectively test the headstone to make sure that it will not be at risk of falling over.

Consider Pre-Ordering A Headstone

While a sudden death can be among the most tragic, there are also situations where a death can be somewhat expected. When your family is faced with this prospect, you can minimize the difficulty of making final arrangements for the deceased by pre-ordering the headstone. This will allow for most of the details of the headstone to be completed while leaving the death date blank. When you need the headstone, this will allow for the provider to quickly inscribe the death date so that it can shipped. As a result, individuals that utilize this option may find that the final headstone is ready for the funeral ceremony. Otherwise, a temporary marker would be needed until the headstone is completed.