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Should You Pick Your Own Urn? And Other Pre-Planned Cremation Questions

It is becoming more common to choose cremation over traditional burial. There are a lot of questions most people have about cremation as they are making their own end-of-life arrangements. Here is a look at a few of those curiosities and the answers you will want to know as you make your own plans. 

Should you pick your own urn?

Picking your own urn is a bit different than picking your own casket. This piece is likely going to be handed over to a family member for safekeeping. That is unless you choose to have your urn buried, which is also a thing. Many people do pick and pay for their own urn, and this can be a personalized process, especially since modern urns can have all kinds of shapes and styles. However, you can also make arrangements to leave a certain amount of money to cover the costs of an urn and allow the family members to choose what they like. 

Do you need to pick clothing to wear for the cremation?

You can absolutely pick something to wear during the final cremation. If you intend to have a traditional funeral before the actual cremation, you are going to need something to wear, obviously. However, if you are planning on a direct cremation, clothing is actually an optional thing. But some people do prefer to pick an outfit just the same. In some crematoriums, the process is actually viewable, but you would be enclosed in a box so it really won't matter if you are wearing clothing or not. 

Is it weird to split up your ashes?

Many people do actually choose to split up their cremains among several family members, and there is nothing weird about it. You can actually purchase cremation urn sets that have four or five small urns for people who wish to divide their remains between multiple living loved ones. For some people, their closest living relatives will be scattered across the country or even in different countries, so it becomes logical to divide up the cremains if you do not want them buried or scattered. 

Talk to a Cremation Service for Advice

Making your plans just the way you want them can involve some questions along the way, and there is no shame in asking. Talk openly to the cremation service professional as you make your plans about anything you have questions about.