Funeral Homes: A End and a Beginning

Do You Want To Plan Your Own Funeral?

Have you been considering the fact that thousands of individuals have lost their lives when they least expected it? This worldwide virus crisis may have led you to think about your own life and how it could end without much of a warning. With that in mind, perhaps you have decided to be proactive by arranging your own funeral. Read on for some ideas that might help you.

Go To A Funeral Home - If you don't really know how to even get started in planning your own funeral, visit professionals at a funeral home in your town or city. The funeral director will be very happy to sit down with you to give you the direction you need. If you aren't comfortable doing that face-to-face, details can even be done by phone. 

The director of the funeral home will more than likely offer you different packages.

  • For instance, if you want to be cremated, that package will not only include the cost of cremation, but you will also be given the option of purchasing a cremation urn. 
  • If you want a traditional burial, the funeral package can include things like the coffin, flowers for the top of the coffin, and a headstone for your final resting place.
  • Even things like a guest book and programs for the service can be part of the funeral package, whether it's a cremation service or a regular burial service.

The Speakers - Consider who you would like to speak at your funeral service. If you have siblings, they might appreciate the opportunity to share memories of your growing-up years. Close friends would more than likely be honored to be asked to speak. Or, maybe you have children who would want to speak, with your ecclesiastical leader being the final speaker to speak about topics like life after death.

Besides actual talks, remember that poetry, scriptures, and even dialogue from your favorite book or movie might be included in the spoken part of your funeral service.

The Music - This is your opportunity to select music you love for your funeral service. If you are a religious person, hymns are always an appropriate choice. However, the music doesn't have to have a religious theme. For instance, "Memories" and "You'll Never Walk Alone" are just a couple of broadway songs that could be part of your funeral service.

Besides congregational hymns, think of having something like a violin and piano duet or a piano solo as part of the music for your funeral.