Funeral Homes: A End and a Beginning

How To Honor Your Loved One During A Lockdown

With COVID-19 spreading across the nation, much of what we rely on in our daily lives has been disrupted. It's easy to see the changes to our shopping and eating routines, but for large and infrequent events, such as funerals, the changes can be difficult to plan for. Thankfully, many funeral homes have figured out new ways to support families in these strange times. Although public gatherings may be restricted in your area, your funeral home can help you honor your loved one with a remote funeral service. This article covers some of the aspects of funeral broadcasting services.

A Risk-Free Funeral

The last thing most people want to do is to put their loved ones at risk by gathering them together in a confined space. Although traditional funerals involve gathering everyone together in one location for a viewing and a ceremony honouring the deceased, the core components of a funeral service can all be done online with a funeral broadcasting service. You will be able to view memorials to the deceased that are set up by your funeral director and take part in a ceremony celebrating your loved one's life. It's important to work directly with your funeral director to plan the exact details of the funeral broadcast.

Open to Any Number of Guests

Whether your loved one wanted a small funeral with only their closest friends and family members present or a large party for all of their friends and acquaintances, a funeral broadcasting service can help you create the funeral they desired. With no restrictions based on the size of a venue or a catering budget, you can invite a large number of guests to the broadcast. Although the funeral might not be exactly what your loved one envisioned, the most important aspect of any funeral is the fact that everyone who loved the deceased in life is able to come together to celebrate all of their achievements and memories.

Connect With Family From Around the Globe

Even in simpler times without lockdowns or quarantines, funeral broadcasting services are an essential service for people with distant family members and friends. No matter where your funeral guests are located, they can all participate in a funeral broadcast from the safety and comfort of their homes. If there are no restrictions on gatherings in your area, talk to your funeral director about combining a traditional funeral service with a broadcast for those who cannot attend in person.

To learn more about funeral broadcasting services, contact funeral directors in your area like FuneralVue.