Funeral Homes: A End and a Beginning

Honoring The Passing Of A Loved One In The Era Of Social Distancing

In the age of social distancing, everything has changed, including how the deceased are honored and laid to rest. Given these new guidelines, how families engage in funeral planning must also change. During an already difficult time, learn more about how you can navigate with these new limitations.

Rely on Technology

Speak with the funeral home about your options for using technology to broadcast the service on a website or social media platform. Although it might be unsafe for family and friends to convene in large numbers, the ability for each person to watch the service from the comfort of their home, allows everyone to be a part of the celebration. 

Consider a Graveside Service

In place of a service held in a church or funeral chapel, consider the idea of having a graveside service. Graveside services can typically accommodate more people than indoor services because there is more space to allow for appropriate social distancing. As a result, more people may be able to participate in the service without putting any person's health at risk or violating any local guidelines. 

Schedule a Future Service

Another option is to bury your loved one and schedule a memorial service for a later date when any social distancing guidelines and risks might be reduced. Should you choose this option, you will have more time to plan a service that best honors your loved one's life and allows everyone an opportunity to pay their respects. 

Have a Family Discussion

Everyone must be on the same page during such a trying and unusual situation. Whether the decision is to broadcast the service via the internet or to have a graveside service, the entire family must be on board. Even if the decision is to move forward with a very small service, the entire family needs to agree on who will be allowed to attend. When everyone is involved in the discussion, the process is generally less stressful.

Get Assistance

Funeral planners and service directors are in the business of helping the grieving family. These professionals can assist you with every aspect of the memorial process and keep you abreast of any social distancing guidelines within your area, and what these guidelines entail as they are constantly changing. You do not have to take on this process alone, there is someone who can help.

Even with social distancing changes, you can still honor the life and legacy of your loved one. Do not hesitate to seek assistance if you are looking for funeral services for a loved one.