Funeral Homes: A End and a Beginning

Are You Shopping For Headstones?

Even though you don't have any serious health issues, maybe you and your spouse have already planned your own funerals. If you've done that, have you remembered to give your funeral plans to your family or to two or three trusted friends? The only remaining thing you need to do might be in the selection of your headstones and in arranging for cemetery headstone engraving.

On the other hand, maybe you have just talked about choosing the headstones that will be used at the time of your passing. If that's true, you've come to the right place for headstone planning ideas.

Choose The Headstones Together - Maybe you have determined without question that you will want to be buried next to each other. If so, it makes good sense for you to select a headstone that will have enough space to include information on both of you.

  • For instance, think of choosing a headstone with space for your surname in the top portion of the headstone and enough space for your names side by side on the bottom of the headstone Add beauty to the headstone by selecting one with roses as part of the design.
  • Another idea is to purchase a large Bible shaped headstone, again with enough space for your surname and both first names. 
  • If you want something more unique, consider buying a marble headstone that has a double hearts and an urn for flowers as part of the design.

Choose The Headstone Engraving For Each Other - Modesty might play a part in each of you not wanting to choose your own headstone engraving. Because of that, it might be very special for you to write the words that will be on each headstone.

  • For instance, maybe your spouse is too modest to use words like, Courageous or Humble as the engraving on his or her part of the headstone. But that doesn't mean that you or your spouse can't honor each other with those words.
  • Besides the birth dates and the death dates, maybe each of you would like to select a favorite scripture reference for the headstone.
  • Do you share a favorite hymn or poem? If so, either one of those could be used for the engraved wording.

Just as you told somebody you trust about your funeral plans, be sure to do the same with the information regarding the purchase of the headstones and the engraving. Keep receipts with any other important burial papers. For more information, contact a cemetery headstone engraving service today.