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4 Ways To Integrate Modern Technology For Funeral Services

Funerals are filled with a lot of tradition and longstanding ways to honor loved ones. Even with those traditions, you can find ways to use modern technology to memorialize loved ones. When you plan out a funeral, you can work with funeral services to integrate modern technology and find ways to really create a memorable memorial for your loved one.

1. QR Codes

QR codes are small individual codes that phones can scan to access direct links to various files or websites. When you plan a memorial service, you can order prayer cards or other keepsakes with a printed QR code. The code could connect to many different elements to honor a loved one.

For example, you could link the code to an online slideshow you created to honor your loved one. The code could connect to a digital playlist featuring the person's favorite songs through the years. If you are raising funds to help pay for the funeral services, the code could link directly to a funding page.

2. USB Drives

A custom USB drive offers similar options to a QR code, but there are no internet or webpage options needed. You can load up a USB drive with your favorite pictures of a loved one. You can create a folder of songs people can play in cars, computers, or even transfer to phones.

The USB drive could also store home video clips or footage collected from over the years. You can order custom drives with text printed on the design to reflect the person's name and their birth dates or death dates. Funeral planning services will help you set up the best ways to distribute the USB drives and ensure everyone who attends receives one.

3. 3D Laser Photos

Photos are often displayed at funeral services, but you can create a more dynamic display with a 3D laser photo. Using photos of your loved one, several companies can convert the photo into a lifelike 3D design. Display the photo on a lighted display which will help illuminate the details and become the centerpiece of a memorial service.

4. Video Conference Options

Modern technology allows guests to attend a funeral service even if the person is not able to attend in person. As you work with funeral services, look for ways to set up video-conference options. For example, a large television or digital display can showcase a live stream video of someone giving a speech or eulogy of a loved one.

Proper funeral planning will help integrate modern technology and guide you through each step of the process.

To learn more about funeral planning and technology, reach out to a local funeral director.