Funeral Homes: A End and a Beginning

What Happens In Funeral Homes

Have you ever driven past a funeral home and wondered what exactly they do inside? Some adults and children are unsure what happens inside a funeral home, and this can cause them to become irrationally frightened by the building's mere existence. If this sounds like you or someone in your family, here is some information that may help you to be less afraid of funeral homes. What happens inside? Here are a few common things that occur in funeral homes.


When someone passes away, their body needs to be cared for and prepared for their funeral. This includes the embalming process if they will have a traditional funeral or cremation if that is what they preferred. After embalming, deceased individuals need to be dressed, have their makeup done, and placed in their coffin before a funeral service begins. It may sound a little spooky, but preparing someone for their funeral can be a very reverent and sentimental experience. Many family members prefer to help dress their loved one. 

Funeral Planning

After a loved one passes away, their family members will go to a funeral home in order to seek help with the funeral planning. There they may purchase a casket, urn, or other necessary items, as well as get direction on how they should move forward with planning the ceremony. Some funeral home directors or employees may even be a part of the ceremony by conducting, playing music, or officiating at the funeral. 


Funeral homes are a common location for memorial events. Some individuals prefer to hold funerals in church buildings or at homes while others find a funeral home to be suitable. The music, lighting, and ambiance of funeral homes are often warm and reverent, and there is usually plenty of room for patrons who wish to pay their respects. From that location, funeral home employees will transport the deceased individual in the hearse to the local cemetery of the family's choosing. Once there, they may set up a graveside service, depending on the wishes of the family. Funeral home employees are extremely useful in all aspects of memorial services

In conclusion, funeral homes are places where people go to be cared for after they pass away. It's important to be grateful to morticians and funeral home directors for the unique and important work that they do. There is no need to be afraid of funeral homes, just respect them as places of reverence.

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