Funeral Homes: A End and a Beginning

In Memory Of: Tips On Planning A Funeral

Funeral planning is never a task that anyone hopes to perform in their life. However, the time may have come for you to ensure a service for a loved one who has passed. By planning ahead, however, planning a funeral that will be both respectful and memorable will come more naturally, with careful consideration for those in attendance and their needs. Here are just a few elements to have in order beforehand to ensure the service goes as smoothly as possible. 

Details of the Service

The best way to ensure the funeral service goes along as planned is to guarantee guests and all attendees know the details. Important information including location, time, and type of service will be crucial to pass along to those who plan to attend. A gentle reminder that this will be a solemn occasion and therefore those in attendance should silence their electronic devices will also lend itself to a peaceful and respectful service. Those who were especially close to the departed may have seats closer to the presentation of the service, so properly guiding guests to their appropriate chairs will help minimize any confusion and ensure close friends and relatives are able to properly pay their respects. 

Remembrance Books

During a funeral service or after, many friends of relatives of the departed may wish to share stories of their favorite moments with them. For some, however, it may be very difficult to speak about their loss. Even if they had wonderful memories of the departed, the grief they feel may be too strong to openly speak in front of others. Offering a remembrance book for attendees to write their favorite memories, quotes, or words of appreciation is a dignified means of honoring those who have passed on. A book of remembrance can also be passed down from generation to generation, forever preserving one's family history in that moment of time. 


Offering a decent spread of food following a funeral service will be appreciated beyond measure. Many who are distraught over the loss of their loved one may not feel like eating, and that is okay! Simply offering a buffet of food, however, may encourage them to nourish themselves during this difficult time. Offer a variety of foods that will hold up well under a buffet-style setting. Include protective heat covers for hot plate items including lasagna, pasta or meats. Side dishes including potatoes, vegetables and rolls will be easy for those in attendance to put on their plates and be welcome additions to their meal. As always, a dessert will make any moment a bit sweeter so be sure to include a few selections such as cake, brownies or cookies.